19th of Cheshvan 5770 November 6 2009 Hilula of Hevel

Today is the Hilula of Hevel Ben Adam and Chava. This is the second son of Adam and Eve. This is the person who is the first victim of murder in the world. According to the  Bible he was killed by his brother Cain in a fit of jealosy over God accepting Abel sacrifice of animals over Cain’s sacrifice of grains and produce.

According to Jewish Midrash Cain was also jealous that Hevel (correct Jewish pronunciation) having been born with 2 twin sisters so that he would have 2 wives and not 1 as would be with Cain. According to the teachings of the ARI (Rabbi Issac Luria) Cain reincarnated into Yitro (Jethro) and Hevel reincarnated into Moshe. When Yitro gave his daughter Zipporah to Moshe in marriage this corrected the action of the murder by Cain because he indicated he was no longer jealous or envious.

The name Hevel is spelled in Hebrew Hay Bet Lamed which gives the name a Gematria (numerical value) of 37.  This number connects to the Milui of the Name of God in the frame of Binah – a Sperah. The Milui represents a form of concealment and Hevel is greatly concealed because on the surface of the Biblical story he is looked upon as a Martyr. Having died for no reason. Yet the Mekubalim (Kabbalists) teach that there is never “no reason” or co-incidence. They teach that Hevel died as an effect of his “also” bringing a sacrifice. His consciousness was not to do spiritual work but to enjoy the physical aspects of this world. We are to enjoy the physical pleasures of this world yet we are to do so as part of our spiritual work. This was the mistake that Hevel made and many of us still do today.

It is not reccomended that one light a candle as one would do for a Tzadik. This day of celebration is meant to bring the lesson of Caine and Abel home to all of us.

It is reccomended that one connect to the positive side of Hevel by studying his energy verses which can be located at this link:


Hevel also has the meaning of the word “breath”. This is in addition to its use as a Name. This also connects to the concept of concealment because a breath is almost insubstantial. It cannot be seen or heard unless one exaggerates it.

Have a beautiful day and don’t forget the spiritual rule: It is necessary to conceal onself first in order to reveal oneself through the process of living.


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