Mitzvot – What and Why?

Mitzvot – What and Why?

Mitzvot is a Hebrew word spelled מצות. It is the plural of the word Mitzvah מצוה which has been mistranslated and misunderstood over the centuries. It is usually translated as Commandment or “a good deed”. Sometimes it is translated as a precept or religious duty.

In Hebrew each word has 1 or more Shoreshim (roots). Words that come form the same root have some connection to each other. Mitzvah comes from two possible roots. One is Tzav צו and the other is מצת Matzat. Tzav means command; Matzat means igniter;

The Zohar explains (Parashat Tzav) that when someone does an action because of a command (even from God) then they  are involved with Avodah Zarah which is the Hebrew term for Idol Worship. The actual straight translation is “strange work or service”.

If a Mitzvah is an igniter – the question must be asked “what is it igniting? Clearly igniter implies the concept of a energy connection. But between what? The Kabbalist explain that doing a Mitzvah causes a consciousness change in a persons mind.  This change makes a stronger more energetic connection between the soul of a person and the Creator. Eventually this consiousness change becomes permanent.

Every member of every Nation (all 70 descending from Noach) have 7 Mitzvoth as a spiritual action to assist them in their spiritual work. The Children of Israel have 613 Mitzvoth from the Torah (Bible) and 7 additional Mitzvoth from the Rabbi’s in  the Talmud for a total 620 Mitzvoth.

There are 248 Postive Mitzvoth and 365 negative or do not do Mitzvoth specified in the Torah. The Kabbalists  teach there is a connection between the 365 negative Mitzoth and the 365 days in a solar year.  The Kabbalists also teach that there is 248 parts of the male human body and there is a connection between the body parts and the positvie Mitzvoth. What is that connection?

Yeshshem intend to discuss various Mitzvoth in future posts including the connections discussed above so look back soon.

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