Control of the Physical World?

Control of the Physical World is best understood by the following Metaphorical story.

Professor Albert Einstein and  Kabbalist were both teaching an advanced seminar on the subject – Does the Tree fall in the forest if no one is present to hear it?

Professor Einstein teaches that since the Tree does not fall unless it registers on a human beings consciousness it implies that ones own consciousness creates the physical world.

The Kabbalist teaches the same thing using the language of Kabbalah instead of the limited language of human mathematics.

They both drive home. Both of them have left their home keys on the kitchen table which they can see from the back sliding door to their home.

Now here is the issue. Albert Einstein taught that if he thinks that the lock is open then the door will open and he can go into the house. . . .but it does not work in the physical world.

The Kabbalist taught that in addition to thinking about the lock being open and he being able to walk into the house he also taught that it is necessary to change his life movie through restriction. So he adds to his meditation that he is able to walk into his house so that he can share his teaching with more people in the world instead of being busy with this simple blockage issue that he created for himself.

So what happens. . .A locksmith drives by whom he flags down and the locksmith opens the door.

Alternative ending for the Kabbalist… his wife drives up with her key and opens the door for both of them.

Alternative Alternative ending for the Kabbalist. . . He checks the lock that he thought was locked and finds that it is not locked. He walks into the house.

Alternative Alternative Alternative ending for the Kabbalist. . . . He walks through the door.


All of these endings are possible. All it takes is Trust that they are possible. and then just do them with certainty.

Which ending manifests is not up to the Kabbalist but the technique Hashem uses in meshing all of the movies of all of the people of the world. Think about this story and answer the question Which ending is a miracle?





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